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David Tomas Martinez

David Tomas Martinez is the author of Hustle (Sarabande, 2014) and the forthcoming Post Traumatic Hood Disorder (Sarabande, 2018). Martinez teaches creative writing at Columbia University. 


Fosters Freeze

Spring 2018 | Poetry

For a genealogy assignment I took a blood test. I found out I am O positive. My mom is A negative, which seems very fitting. My dad is B positive. This alone would normally frighten me. Needles should freeze in hell. I told my dad I was scared but wouldn’t cry when I got pricked. He laughed, pinched my arm. Oh, positive. After this, many things became apparent. 

Drawing Water

Spring 2018 | Poetry

Picture if you will Tony Hoagland
and me, he in his Donkey Gospel
hat and me wearing my Hustle ring,
in his car patched with silver duct
tape and sagging passenger mirrors
discussing vehicles as metaphors