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Davis McCombs

Davis McCombs is the Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Arkansas. His first book, Ultima Thule, was chosen by W. S. Merwin as the winner of the 1999 Yale Series of Younger Poets. Published in April 2000, it was selected as one of five finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Award.


Thirty September

Spring 2006 | Poetry

  My Dear Sir— As doubtless these words come unexpectedly into your hands, allow me to introduce myself: I too have searched the gravel bars for stones in the shape of awls or spikes. Imagine my surprise upon encountering, this very afterno [...]


Spring 2006 | Poetry

  Jamaica, 1996 The storm’s first bullets pit the sand this side of the wrinkling wave-line; the island, as I remember it, drums in rain, a barefoot beach guard hurrying beneath a sheet of corrugated tin, or the light that followed, a blus [...]