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Debora Greger

Debora Greger is Professor Emerita, University of Florida, and Poet-in-Residence, Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, Florida. Her books include By Herself (Penguin, 2012) and Men, Women, and Ghosts (Penguin, 2008). Her art has appeared on the covers of books and literary journals for thirty years. 


Elegy on the Far Bank

Fall 2016 | Poetry

i.m. Greg Greger (1923–2015)

I. West of Chekhov

A month since Father died. Back in our old house, 
sisters, where were we? Desert of childhood, 
      great preserver, 

for you we opened another closet.
Father the farm boy––what didn’t he save?
      There his Army jacket 

On First Looking Into Bishop’s Binoculars

Fall 2016 | Poetry

What realms of gold did they travel,
these old field glasses? Her last pair,
focused beyond the tame sea-stacks 
of glass and bottle, they’d have caught––
from her Boston Harbor condo–– 
birds in maneuvers, breaches of whales.