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Deborah Parker

Deborah Parker is the author of Bronzino: Renaissance Painter as Poet (Cambridge, 2000) and Commentary and Ideology: Dante in the Renaissance (Duke, 1993). She is currently working on a book on Michelangelo’s letters.


A Pleasure Grove of Italian Renaissance Art

Winter 2002 | Criticism

Readers will not be disappointed with the wealth of material covered. Entries on individual artists are logically arranged to include information on his or her life and works; working methods and techniques, writings (if any), character and personality, and critical reception and posthumous reception. An extensive bibliography on each artist follows; in the case of major figures such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael, or Titian, helpful subject headings (i.e. Documentary and Bibliographical Sources; General; Specialist Studies; Monographs; and Catalogues; Drawings) within the bibliographies direct readers to areas of related scholarship. Cross-references within the entries direct readers to other relevant entries.