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Dionisio D. Martinez


Belated Valentine for Alina

Offshore, the expanding light of dawn is saying nothing again. My eyes, when I rub them like this, say they want to see stars. I'm waking in Brockport to the smell of late breakfast and a somewhat overdue spring. This pantheist land says it will [...]


Last winter I picked four oranges each night from the tree outside the kitchen door. Each morning I squeezed the oranges, poured the juice into our clear glasses, rested my elbows on the clear surface of the glass table, looked through the table at y [...]


Setting these trees on fire would be redundant. The flamboy√°n is a beautiful arsonist dressed again for some impending destruction. Intrigued, willing to risk whatever safety they've found in their incognito days, whole towns come back to life [...]