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Dixon Wecter


The Soul of James Boswell

In these last few years, since the publication of Bos-well's letters and the more recent appearance of his Journal—privately printed after its rescue from long oblivion in an ebony cabinet and a croquet-box at Malahide Castle, Ireland—the famous [...]

The Two Great Chams

Ben Jonson. By John Palmer. New York: The Viking Press. $3.50. Sam-uel Johnson. By Hugh Kingsmill. New York: The Viking Press. $2.75. More than a mere accident of name unites Ben Jonson of the seventeenth century to Samuel Johnson of the eighte [...]

The Harvard Exiles

William james once said of Harvard that "our irreconcilables are our proudest product," and one may suppose that he had in mind both the nonconformist at home and the rebel abroad. The very dissidence of dissent which enters into all the tr [...]

Hero in Reverse

Poor Tom Paine! there he lies: Nobody laughs and nobody cries. Where he has gone or how he fares Nobody knows and nobody cares. Posterity felt relief at having done with Thomas Paine. He was a professional revolutionist, asking embarrassing [...]