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Douglas Lane Patey


Who Now Reads Pope? And Why?

The Imaginative World of Alexander Pope. By Leopold Damrosch, Jr. California. $35.In 1985 Margaret Doody opened The Daring Muse: Augustan Poetry Reconsidered with a challenge: "English poetry of the late 17th and the 18th century has attracted many f [...]

Some Versions of Paradise

Paradise Preserved: Recreations of Eden in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century England. By Max Schultz. Cambridge. $39.50. Regaining Paradise: Milton and the Eighteenth Century. By Dustin Griffin. Cambridge. $29.95. Nearly all mythologies, the anth [...]

Rereading Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope: The Genius of Sense. By David B. Morris. Harvard. $2500. Pope and Bolingbroke: A Study of Friendship and Influence. By Brean S. Hammond. Missouri. $25.00. Pope's "Essay on Man." By A. D. Nuttall. Allen & Unwin. $24.50. This is an e [...]