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Eamon Grennan

Eamon Grennan’s most recent poetry collections are Still Life with Waterfall (Graywolf, 2002), which won the Lenore Marshall Prize, The Quick of It (Graywolf, 2005), and Matter of Fact (Graywolf, 2007), as well as a co-translation (with Rachel Kitzinger) of Oedipus at Colonus (Oxford, 2005). He taught for many years in the English Department of Vassar College, and currently teaches in the graduate writing programs of Columbia and NYU. He divides his time between Poughkeepsie and the west of Ireland.


Water, Curlew, Snipe

Spring 2009 | Poetry

So much is always going on.Wislawa SzymborskaThe snipe that flew up in front of my wellingtons as I trudged the drowned mud and rushes to see whether the spate-stream filling the ditch would spread and seep under the cottage’s shallow foundations, [...]

Crows In Snow

In the white teeth of the blizzard four big crows are digging under the bird feeder in the back garden, beak-raking sprays of shocking brightness over their impossibly black backs and shoulders in their search for sunflower seeds that Kira scattered [...]

April Again

Winter 1998 | Poetry

When the big blue heron goes over with a bit of twig in its beak and lands on the sourgum tree, the whole tree sways under his weight just above where they stand talking.Solitary as he seems, she says, how does he ever find a mate? Later they'll asce [...]