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Elena Karina Byrne


Immaculate Measure

The moon flips its coin in the deepened plot, black palm of sky: one night mother-silver, tonight, full father-gold suspended there for my taking. I stand visible outside the hospital, under its universe-awning: scientists' relics, massive wisps of p [...]

Without the Elation of Rage

The light shines in the darkness. . . . The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.         John 1:1—5 Body of rain body of water body of God from the words: body of my father lying in his final weightlessness of words, lighte [...]

His Song

Drunkard's song, lost itinerary lyrics, a self-love lisp, its language hovering a feeble shore-fire I put out with my hands over. Empty colored bottles surround him, fill with luminary light, each one, a light mistaken for living, and I am now redund [...]