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Elizabeth Jackson Barker



Spring 1959 | Poetry

Cain with Thorns rose neither late nor soonTo witness, from the vantage of his arc,The hundred cycle of a little moon,Its month in minutes: dark, to full, to dark.Unrisen Sirius, by Orion keepingFaithful company time out of mind,Heard the muffled b [...]

Yes and No Stories

Spring 1959 | Poetry

Always choices three and choosers losers:The crossroads and the brothers’ triple questTo seize the horse whose hooves outstrike the hours,Steal the heart’s-ease nightingale, and quenchThe dragon lately laying waste the fields(The public-spirite [...]

The Names of the Rose

Spring 1959 | Poetry

So stated, so it is, yet isn’t so:Children’s wisdom, plausible, inane;I was first to let you know you know. Do you never smell me when the snowMounds the bushes and lies along each cane?So stated, so it is, yet isn’t so. When damp Creation [...]