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E.M. Schorb

In the year 2000, E.M. Schorb’s novel, PARADISE SQUARE, won the Grand Prize for Fiction at the Frankfurt Book Fair. His third poetry collection, MURDERER’S DAY, was awarded the Verna Emery Poetry Prize and published by Purdue University Press. His work has appeared in The American Scholar, The Sewanee Review, The Southern Review, North American Review and The Yale Review, among others here and abroad.



Out of the mustard tang that filled my mouth with the vivid day once when wind brought itself riffling through my short golden mane like the hand of God being the cub's mother's tongue came that time when life was endless wonder and listening to the [...]

The Nursing Home

There are more women than men in the nursing home and more men than old doctors. Staff doctors visit once a month. The few old men do very little but sleep. Two or three of them occasionally gather outside in clear weather for a smoke, which is allow [...]

Where Are You?

What life does to us is strange, too strange, I suppose, for many to think about. But I think about it, about how you were here, right here with the rest of us, and now are not, are gone into the ground and maybe are waving in the grass, or are sitti [...]

A Worker At the Waterworks

He watched the water purling away. No doubt it would soon be carrying off loads of human excrement, with the lost parts of bodies, dead cells, hairs, bits and parts of burnt energy, the stuff left over after the hard day's work, after the argument, [...]