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Enid Shomer

Enid Shomer’s poems and stories have appeared in THE NEW YORKER, THE ATLANTIC, PARIS REVIEW, BEST AMERICAN POETRY, BEST NEW STORIES FROM THE SOUTH, NEW CRITERION, etc. She is the author of four books of poetry and of IMAGINARY MEN, which won both the Iowa Fiction Prize and the LSU/SOUTHERN REVIEW Fiction Prize, both given annually for the best first collection by an American author. In 2004, her story “Chosen,” won VQR’s Emily Clark Balch Prize in Fiction. Shomer has taught as Distinguished Visiting Writer at the Ohio State University, Florida State University and the University of Arkansas.



It was a Tuesday afternoon in early June. School had been out for a week. Iris's husband, Aaron, had settled a lamb roast in marinade, then taken the dog, Lulu, for a walk on the golf course. When the doorbell rang, Iris was reading Harper's, worki [...]