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Everett U. Crosby


Children of the Middle Ages

Autumn 2002 | Criticism

In support of the revised version of childhood, Nicholas Orme, who holds a senior academic position at the University of Exeter, and who is the author of several books on medieval schools and education, has collected an impressive amount of information on the history of children in England, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 16th century, which he has organized and laid out in this illustrated volume. The title, unfortunately, is misleading, since it implies much broader coverage than is attempted. This is a traditional insular history, without any effort to compare it with developments on the continent. Even so, the undertaking is a formidable task for a single author who wants to show that childhood occupied an important place, not only in traditional family life, but also in the larger framework of political and economic development in the kingdom.


The Wars In France’

The Hundred Years War. Volume I: Trial by Battle. Faber and Faber $34. 95. Volume II: Trial by Fire. University of Pennsylvania Press. $45.00 Both by Jonathan Sumption. "The Hundred Years War," as every student of the Middle Ages knows, is an h [...]