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Forough Farrokhzad


After You

Oh, the time we were seven That amazing moment is gone now After you whatever happened Happened in the midst of madness and ignorance After you The window that was once so alive and bright And was our connection to the birds To the breeze S [...]

From Darkness

I called you from darkness Silence, breeze lifting the curtain to a warm sky A star burned A star faded A star died I called you I called you My whole being held in my hands like a bowl of milk The moon glanced blue on the panes Sad mu [...]

Leaving: the Poem

All night something was telling my heart "How excited you are to see him When the stars whiten at dawn he will leave, he will leave—hold him hard" Lost to the world I was with the scent of you heedless of morning's betrayal Over my fine las [...]