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Frances Stokes Hoekstra


Vital Signs

Sarah went to the hospital each day as soon as her daughter left on the school bus. She brought Maggie fresh hot tea in a thermos. "Emily's coming to see you this afternoon" she said to Maggie one morning. It was the first week of January. Maggie [...]

One-Eyed Jacks

I sat on the top rail of the corral fence and considered one more time what Hutch had said about my mother. From the top rail I could see nearly all the ranch buildings. Everyone but me was in the ranchhouse, having lunch. Nearly hidden in the aspe [...]

Perilous Lives

Mattie hasn't seen Laura since their father's funeral in March and before that it was more than a year, but she still thinks of them as Laura and Mattie, The Townsend Sisters, and fantasizes a bony old age in which they will rock on the porch of th [...]