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Francis Claiborne Mason


Toward Morning

THIS bond of spirit that I have to break, This carven candle flame I am to quench, Loosens no corded fibre at my wrench, Flickers no inch for any breath I take; The nervous shackle and the waiting spark, For all that time goes pacing through the nigh [...]

Cape Henry Water-Haul

It was a draught of more than fishes' freight That wrestled with our rope. Hand under hand We urged the live net leaping to the land Through shuddering currents of the early spate Up to the brindled shallows, intricate With lashing, lithe sea-silver; [...]

Recessional for a Cow Driver

RECESSIONAL FOR A COW DRIVER The goad of Goshen, in his muddy boots, Rides in a varnished box to meet his Maker, Secure of his eternal, narrow acre, Sure of his cabin under the tangled roots; Hickory bludgeon and the handy rock Lie still, for all of [...]

Pause on the Long Road

Peace and I sat once alone, quietly, under the eaves, Seeing the spider work, and the rain come down; Marking the dust on the sill, watching the drift of leaves Shingle with ochre and red the wet brick walks of the town. And it is most strange [...]

Cale Young Rice

Selected Plays and Poems. By Cale Young Rice. New York: The Century Company. $6.00. Stygian Freight. By Cale Young Rice. New York: The Century Company. $1.50. If a wealth of association with poetic genres of the past and present may constitute [...]

Requiem in Three Voices

By this be seen how mighty is the Worm, Ultimate dweller in the comely den, That beauty, burgeoning its little term, Grows adamantine in the hearts of men, Bronze as a dream of Hellas, from the sod Of Cyprian hills regiven to the light Most tyr [...]