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Fred Chappell

Fred Chappell has published more than two dozen books of poetry, fiction, and essays, including The Fred Chappell Reader (St. Martin’s Press, 1987). A former North Carolina Poet Laureate, he has won the T. S. Eliot award, an award for literature from the American Academy for Arts and Letters, and the best foreign book award from the Academie Française. He taught at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for forty years and helped to establish its MFA program.


Fox and Crow

Summer 2016 | Poetry

Fox spots Crow in the top of a tree.
“That carrion she pecks must come to me.”
He ponders how to ply his wit
And award himself the whole of it.

Scarecrow Colloquy

Hi-ho, Ragwisp, how wheels the hub of wonder? Have you now fixed for good the ends of desire? I find you in the field entranced as Spinoza. I am glad, friend, of your company. The man who nailed me up, left me to cherish The mercy of the crow, does h [...]