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George Core


Obsession and Calamity

Battlegrounds of Memory. By Clay Lewis. University of Georgia Press. $24.95. Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders. —Light in August. BL. Reid, upon meeting V. S. Pritchett [...]

Two Critics

The labor of [the critic's] understanding is always specific, like the art which he examines; and he knows the sum of his best work comes only to the pedagogy of elucidation and appreciation . . . . The object remains, and should remain, itse [...]

Mr. Tate and the Limits of Poetry

Poetry is one test of ideas; it is ideas tested by experience. —Allen Tate Allen Tate lived long enough not only to preside over the critical reception of his career but to inaugurate the first revival of interest in his published work (he [...]

A Naturalist Looks at Sentiment

This essay was undertaken in an effort to penetrate the masks of John Crowe Ransom. For years I had assumed that logic provided the driving force behind the man's cheerful public exterior and his far more complex private nature. Allen Tate has per [...]

Poetically the Most Accurate Man Alive

A Fringe of Leaves. By Patrick White. Viking. $10.00. LOVE is your last chance. There is really nothing else on earth to keep you there." This quotation from Louis Aragon is one of Patrick White's epigraphs for A Fringe of Leaves, his tenth novel. [...]

The Eloquence of Fact

Coming into the Country. By John McPhee. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $10.95.The John McPhee Reader.Edited by William L. Howarth. Farrar,Straus & Giroux.$12.95.Vintage.$3.95.Essays of E. B. White.Harper & Row. $12.50. A writer is a gunner, sometimes wa [...]

Quarterlies and the Future of Reading

A review is not measured by the number of stars and scoops it gets. Good literature is produced by a few queer people in odd corners; the use of a review is not to force talent, but to create a favourable atmosphere. T. S. Eliot to F. M. Ford, [...]