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Harold B. Mcsween


T. Harry Williams: A Remembrance

Though it is now more than five decades ago, I remember well the morning, fall of 1946, I wandered into Harry Williams's history class at Louisiana State University, a curious if blase poacher. This 20-year-old English major had returned to the idy [...]

Advise and Dissent

Autumn 1993 | Criticism

If you might wonder why some persons try to move heaven and dirt to despoil the nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court of a legal scholar (as distinguished from a former law student who would have gained either legal or judicial experience or both), the reason, knowing it or not, is that they do not want another Oliver Wendell Holmes on the court. 

Huey Long At His Centenary

Within five years of his death at age 42, on Sept. 10, 1935, while seeking the presidency and overseeing Louisiana's government from the U. S. Senate, with whom he shared a mutual disdain, Huey Long suffered a posthumous infirmity. The political fa [...]