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Harriet Lee-Merrion

Harriet Lee-Merrion is an award-winning artist and illustrator whose clients include Google, TED, the Guardian, Bloomsbury, and the New York Times. She is the recipient of a 3x3 International Illustration Award for Editorial Illustration and is a winner of two American Illustration Awards. She is a graduate of Falmouth Arts University.


Sun Prairie Events

Winter 2021 | Fiction

No light could work its way into Kelsey’s condo after four, so that’s when she held the baby and checked email. She never received much.

Vanishing Point

Winter 2021 | Fiction

One day, I drove the hundred miles east to visit T at Ironwood and was denied visitation. The clerk told me there was no record of my request. Never mind that I had been visiting my son there every Saturday for five years.