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Harry Brown


Gretchen and the Grave People

There are a lot of dead men in the parlor, And they're capering and dancing in their bones. I never saw such naked men. I hope I never do again. For God's sake, Missus, can't I put them out? No. They're uncles, cousins, sons of mine. There is [...]

Only the Phoenix

I, a poor messenger, report these things in time To the foreign faces in the northern foreign places, To those whose gods are gods of rock, whose eyes are eyes of rock, Whose walls are rocks and mountains, hard, men hard and not of islands. My to [...]

The Tragedy of Small Things

As the pale darkness settles down to praise With its gray tones the grandeur of the day Disorder comes with swallows in the field, Who rasp their arduous and eternal hunger Over the heavy air in which they hover, Shattering the silence like a gl [...]

The Muse in the Virginia Afternoon

From the corrals of Southern hemispheres, Beyond the Pole, and not beyond the Pole, Where blue-eyed horses breed their stock of kings, And past the islands where the island men Mimic a god of sun in heat, and where The ageless women comb their bra [...]