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Havelock Ellis


A Survey of German Genius

If we consider the nature and distribution of the genius which has flowered on the German racial soil we are at the outset struck by several traits which we may also encounter along other avenues of approach to Germany. We see, for instance, a certa [...]

Letters to an American

Editor's note: The letters that follow were written by Havelock Ellis to Louise Stevens Bryant, with whose permission they are published here. Dr. Bryant, who is an editor and writer in the field of psychology and health, and who was until 1935 execu [...]

Victor Hugo

A hundred years and more have passed since Victor Hugo was born. It is but a small space of time when we consider the number of centuries through which the rich and various literature of France has flourished. Yet it has been long enough for this one [...]

Madame De Warens

Perhaps there is no woman of the eighteenth century whom we know so well by name and yet differ about so widely. Indeed, among all the notable figures of that century few, if any, have been discussed with so much confidence, on so slender a basis of [...]