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Henry Pratt Fairchild


Machines Don’t Buy Goods

In the early months of 1930 newspaper reports described President Hoover as very much worried over the accumulated wheat surplus, which amounted to about one hundred and fifty million bushels, and was increasing every year. The Department of Agricult [...]

Battling Impulses

I In the churches of Sweden, Tylor tells us, there used to be kept certain clumsy wooden clubs, some of which have been preserved as objects of curiosity down to the present day. They were called "family clubs" and they were used to term [...]

The Deeper Significance of Prohibition

"Enforce it or repeal it."How familiarily the sentiment rings in our ears! And how unerringly we jump to the conclusion that it is the liquor law to which it refers!A stranger to the United States, unfamiliar with the present situation and its backgr [...]

Can Taxes Be Lowered?

Winter 1933 | Essays

I The average citizen thinks of Government as a remote, incorporeal agency, that takes away a large part of his income if he is very rich, and gives him a large part of his income if he is very poor. What the government does with its money is of rel [...]