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Hugh Seidman

Hugh Seidman was born in Brooklyn, NY. His poetry has won several awards including, most recently, the 2004 Green Rose Prize from New Issues Press (Western Michigan University) for his sixth poetry collection, SOMEBODY STAND UP AND SING, to be published by New Issues in spring, 2005. Seidman has taught writing at the University of Wisconsin, Yale University, Columbia University, the College of William and Mary, the New School University, and several other institutions.


Case History: Melancholia

In 1965 I enrolled in the psych ward at Mt. Sinai. I read the Cantos with the Annotated Index. The famous poetess visited me before she was famous. They assigned me the pretty nurse from the plains of Kansas— to coax truth from my lips. Her hair wa [...]

The Daily Racing Form

On my last day at the Daily Racing FormAman the Director, from Iran, celebrated with sandwiches. I had documented track-data processing for Phoenix and Lexington. Until now I had told no one I wrote. And Taiwanese Robert confessed: he preferred prog [...]

On the Other Side of the Poem

1 The April rain has a smell that lingers among grass and earth and the diffusing gray of the city sky makes the car lights more luminous this might be a fantasy but it is rather the other side of the poem on the other side of the poem I see a form i [...]