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Idra Novey

Idra Novey is the author of the poetry collection The Next Country. Her recent translations include the selected poems of Brazilian writer Manoel de Barros and a novel by Emilio Lascano Tegui, On Elegance While Sleeping, both forthcoming in fall 2010.


As Charged

At the trial, they said I was guilty of M. I am. The M was called a B for lack of A and a recent aversion to Cs. The judge had silver filigree earrings. The court reporter was so thin she cinched shut like a curtain when she swivele [...]

Memorias do Cárcere

I An island of jackfruits and great gaps in electricity. The flicker of lizards across walls and the demolition of a prison so recent everyone still has a version of how it fell— all the birds that exploded out of the trees. Dozens and [...]