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James Orrick


Two Traditionalists

Robert Bridges. A Study of Traditionalism in Poetry. By Albert Gudrard, Jr. Harvard University Press. $3.50. Housman, 1897-1936. By Grant Richards. Oxford University Press. $4.00. "Housman, 1897-1936," by his publisher and friend, Gr [...]

Eheu! Fugaces -

Lantems on the Levee. Recollections of a Planter's Son. By William Alexander Percy. Alfred A. Knopf. $3.00. Quite early in his charming and entertaining autobiography, "Lanterns on the Levee," Mr. William Alexander Percy remarks, "I [...]

America’s Gold and Silver Age

America's Silver Age. The Statecraft of Clay—Webster—Calhoun. By Gerald W. Johnson. New York: Harper and Brothers. $3.50. John Tyler, Champion of the Old South. By Oliver Perry Chitwood. New York: D. Appleton-Century Company. $4.00. Thoreau. By [...]