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James Wood


Late Beauty

Too easily, perhaps, I recognize your ways Ironically composed, now— And not of hope As once. Which I recruited from a Dim high school hallway in 1965. For awhile, And perhaps evilly, too. "How unreal it all is" to touch your nakedn [...]

Sans Souci

I shall send down an entire city Also suspending my tears, as snow—momentum lost! One With the dead, and their reasoning. As the gods despise them a potent, new figure. And I cannot lift anything, alas! Gravity my rueful science, "sense&q [...]

Two Ponies

Two ponies, with braided mane—at a pacing gait— Dark one leading the blond, bolting The yard, now vanished through the eastward gate. Pulling empty children's carriages. Their hooves over the wet gravel are all my pleasure— Against the bar [...]