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Jamiel Law

Jamiel Law is an illustrator and creative problem solver based in Parrish, FL. His clients include the New York Times, the New Yorker, NBC News, Slate, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, Bravery Magazine, Equal Justice Initiative, the Guardian, Apple, HBO, and Netflix.


Gather Here Again [private]

Fall 2022 | Fiction

Her grandbabies should be asleep, yet here they are, restless as everyone else tonight.

By the time they tiptoe down the central stairs, the creaking giving them away, she’s long lost the sun. The sky is a sweep of black.

The Trick [private]

Fall 2022 | Fiction

Behold: William’s father slices his mother in half. He shackles her to the bottom of a water tank. He packs her inside a cannon and lights the fuse.

The Real India

Fall 2022 | Fiction

The centerpiece of Lark’s studio is the Cunt Bodhisattva, an eight-foot architectural marvel of sedimentary vermiculite clay, sustainably retrieved from someplace in South Africa, molded in the shape of a woman bent backward in an Ūrdhvadhanurāsana pose, feet planted, legs spread, and vagina on display, stomach arching toward buoyantly upside-down tits and a neutral, choiceless face, palms firm on the ground astride a thicket of load-bearing hair.