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Jeannine Savard


No Wall, No Moon

Stare space. That's where You sit on the shore's edge and we whistle faster And faster in a tangle to the night: Okay, so we're there in the middle, In the white of it. It's luxurious, absolutely nothing Like sadness or a boat dragged up, scrofulous [...]

The Chase

From below, where he's living with a raft pole Against the closet, he knocks at our door For coffee at 2 A. M. He's tired of running In the next world, his father chasing him down On a horse with a blue head And gold tail. He says the man is rigid L [...]

The Little Mouthfuls

She wears black chiffon and eats a Gulf shrimp In seven bites. The blue vein in her finger Rising each time like ink. A dark change Takes over her face as if walking Under heavy boughs just rained on In late spring. Her eyes click, holding sight Of s [...]