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Jennifer Kabat

Jennifer Kabat is an essayist and critic whose writing has appeared in the White Review, the Believer, Frieze, Harper’s, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and has been included in exhibitions such as The Promise at Arnolfini (Bristol UK). Her essay “The Rainmaker’s Flood” was a finalist for the 2015 Notting Hill Editions’ Essay Prize. Awarded a Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for her criticism, she teaches contemporary art and theory at NYU.


To Write About A Hole

Fall 2016 | Essays

I found halcyon on a street in New York. Not graffiti, but part of the pavement: a mound of tarmac, in the middle of which was a steel plate where the word appeared. Shining in the light, it looked like frosting. Who put it there? Who thought a steel plate on the street equaled peace or nostalgia? The company that installed it, Halcyon Construction, is based in Pleasantville, New York. It repairs sewers. It makes holes and covers them.