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Joann Kobin

My short stories have been published in THE MASSACHUSETTS REVIEW, PLOUGHSHARES, BOSTON GLOBE MAGAZINE, NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW, VIRGINIA QUARTERLY and NEW ENGLAND REVIEW. A novel-in-stories, WOMAN MADE OF SAND, came out in 2002 and has been published in paperback by Berkley Books in 2003. I’ve been a resident of MacDowell and taught fiction-writing at Hampshire and Mt. Holyoke Colleges.


Discipline and Will

Two weeks after Eric got the lead in the ballet, "The Prodigal Son," he began to worry. His voice on the phone sounded tight and jittery. Everything was going wrong. He and the girl who was the lead ballerina were working at cross-purposes. A certa [...]

The Lost Glove

I.BEGINNINGS Three possible ways to begin. A.             Sept. 6, 1953 Dear Jeanne, When I left you on Thursday I was bursting with pride. I never thought I'd see the day that my daughter would be going to a college like Welles [...]