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John Portmann

Author of When Bad Things Happen to Other People; Sex and Heaven; and Bad for Us. Editor of In Defense of Sin. Teaches in Department of Religious Studies, University of Virginia.


On Being and Finding A Friend

Quakers & Nazis: Inner Light in Outer Darkness. By Hans A. Schmitt. Missouri. $29.95 The familiar stereotype of Friends (or Quakers, as they are better known) as solid yet non-threatening moral citizens extends far into the past. In Boswell's L [...]

How Christianity Spread

The World History of Christianity. Edited by Adrian Hastings. Eerdmans. $45.00. Writing a comprehensive yet digestible history of Christianity involves at least three obstacles. First, there is the sheer volume of information to be sifted throug [...]

An Appreciation of Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon. By Perez Zagorin. Princeton. $29. 95. In the sumptuously appointed Master's Lodge of Trinity College, Cambridge University hang adjacent to one another portraits of Francis Bacon and Elizabeth I. This proximity would have caused [...]