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John Temple Graves


The Chance-Taking South

A sleep in the arms of twenty-two-cent cotton the Southern farmer may think no dawn is coming. But come it will, and his beautiful lady will disappear or turn into his enemy. What the soothsayers are saying as they look at the postwar South is that a [...]

The Magnificent American Proposition

Americans would be wanting in a proper bump of association if the ghost of Woodrow Wilson did not walk through this fateful summer of 1944. War news, peace plans, and the presidential election campaign will be suggesting the "pale, lean scholar [...]

Forever and Ever, Amen

There is a limit to high explosion. In the summer of 1940, when Belgian forts were blown apart and dive bombers and panzer divisions were taking France, the dissipations of trinitrotoluol seemed to have no end. We know better now. The slayers who thi [...]

The Southern Negro and the War Crisis

The simple and tragic truth of the race situation in the Southern states where three-fourths of the country's Negroes live is that in a time of total war Northern agitators of the black man are giving new leases of life to Southern agitators of the w [...]

The Fighting South

Week after week since 1939, the South has been first on the Gallup poll's regional list in unstinting friendliness for the British cause in the present war and first too in its disregard of violent consequences. There has been Senator Reynolds, of co [...]

Jazz Age Dictator

Louisiana Hayride, By Harnett T. Kane. William Morrow and Company. $3.00. Huey Long dies on page 136 of this 455-page book. To go on engagingly thereafter for 319 pages of "Louisiana Hayride" required of Harnett T. Kane much talent a [...]