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Joseph Lease



Summer 2002 | Poetry

for Donna de la Perrière Each step  jiggles green hedges. Violet, blue  wind covers river light, birches.  Textures wash our bodies,  which rise: night inside roots,  gold on a bright red oak—  inside you, I [...]


A woman and a man stumble in the forest. She recognizes the forest, she knows the fairy tale in sunlight on wild roses, in hot wind stopping and starting. She thinks, We are looking for a house that we lost somewhere. There will be an abandoned hous [...]

Sitting on A Wall Outside Harvard Law School

for James Assatly November. The moon hangs from her neck like lead. A teenager writes down the words. He sees fishes swim through branches and brush windowpanes. He looks at paintings by Kandinsky and Klee; he stares at the reflection of a traffic l [...]