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Joyce Horner


Public Holiday: Paris

Autumn 1958 | Poetry

In the picture the people stroll and stroll all dayBy walks and lawns, allécs, by pair and pair,Or families in bouquets, contained and gay.The clouds fly out like flags on the volatile air—I have seen it a hundred times and wished to be there. [...]

After Reading “Le Morte D’Arthur”

Autumn 1958 | Poetry

So, having felled the Green Knight at the ford,Broken the Blue Knight’s sword,And pushed the Red to the Utterance,Sir Thomas MaloryAfter a hundred perils passed,By the Black Knight unhorsed at lastIn the Dark Tower was cast; Where left by friend [...]

Song for Middle Age

Autumn 1958 | Poetry

Hoarding your sun at midday,Husbanding heart’s blood,Stay away from the countryWhere lions fight for food. Studying mean and measureAgainst a fall or leap,Look to the left-hand dangerAlong the edge of sleep, And come away from the countryWhere [...]