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Julien Pacaud

Julien Pacaud’s work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, and South America, and has appeared in the New Yorker, Oprah, and New Scientist. He received the Illustrative’s Young Illustrator Special Prize award in 2010.


Illustration by Julien Pacaud

Long Way Home

Spring 2017 | Essays

The Circumnavigations of Henk De Velde

When I first wrote the Dutchman, ten years ago, he was sailing around the world alone for the sixth and final time. His plan, he said, was to keep on sailing, continuing this last circumnavigation until the day he died, or until he found some unknown place “behind the horizon.” At the time, Henk De Velde was somewhere in the Atlantic, slightly closer to South America than any other continent, but not very close to anywhere at all.