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Karin Gottshall

Karin Gottshall was a recent writer-inresidence at Interlochen Arts Academy. Her poems have appeared in Southern Review, Gettysburg Review, Black Warrior Review, and Shenandoah. Her manuscript, Crocus, won the Poets Out Loud Prize and will be published by Fordham University Press in 2007. Gottshall lives in Middlebury, Vermont, and works at the Middlebury College library.



Fall 2006 | Poetry

  The weather was all that changed after I lost it. I sat curled in the blue armchair at the free library, reading Orlando. Outside the trees lived and moved amid the wind’s coils and autumn slipped, day by day, toward winter. After school I [...]

The Exile’s Tale

Fall 2005 | Poetry

The country I come from is far to the north: our wedding dresses are lined with wolf’s fur and the stars are fixed. We share the dwellings of white bears, who never wake from their winter sleep, whose dreams, in the religion of my land, comprise t [...]