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Katherine Kane


To Henry VIII’s Ghost

While you sleep on beaches, sometimes think of innocence; of a red-haired girl on the back of a whale. The mermaid you imagine finally sheds the sheath of her father, and rides over several dead navies, inspired. Even the girls in the bathhou [...]

Meditation on An Age

To brood hereafter for pretending, in front of our own selves, to be awake. Nothing bothers us! We'd go to smash on earth. And if we don't pin our plans on the chandeliered stars it's a failure of nerve. On the jetty at Honfleur, soldiers will take t [...]


Involved in a silence such as the flowers know, a child enters with a hold of insects and string. In a corner which the sun has not yet reached, her father is crouched like a tailor under Mrs.Blum. The sensation of swallowing against one's will, —s [...]


If we have risks, and we do, better to risk Fragments of moths, the twilight chips and tatters Of emptied conceptions of ourselves in relation To a world that doesn't fall into one of those categories. A sampler, complete with numbers, houses, lette [...]