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Kathleen Norris


Kitchen Trinity

Three women at a table hold the world. One gets up to stir the stars, one makes the fire, another blows on it to keep it going; and still they have time for play, three women hunched over a cup, hands open in invitation as the table tilts in Rublev's [...]

Saturday Afternoon At the Library

I let him climb on my lap because he wanted to be held by a woman; he'd lost three already by the age of five. His mother in a wreck when he was a baby; then his grandmother who'd taken care of him; and then just last week the stepmother, young, wit [...]

What I Want to Be

A fife that won't go out, the velvet touch of darkness, a breeze catching a small child's   fancy to set her singing a cloud stretching as it loosens into rain. I want to be dust caught by the wet that brings forth weeds and wildflowers; the pigs' [...]


I. She works among the budding daisies, near a row of lettuce seedlings. She will seed the summer squash, and soon a cat will bring her a dead bird. Her husband will call her from the house and her body will tense with listening, then relax into lau [...]