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Kirk Robinson


What Brought the Helicopter Down

1. The pilot flies low over the field, flies low and the burnt and bloody elephant grass bends beneath him. He sees, briefly, bodies, sees death in each tree and bit of bush, but he does his job, he rises and moves on. Each afternoon he del [...]

The Design of To-Morrow

According to Popular Mechanics, April, 1951, all of this should have been taken care of by now: so many roads leading nowhere. In those glossy pages rocket packs soar over domed cities and all of us take in delicious food through translucent tubes an [...]

Dead Man’s Hand

Autumn 1999 | Poetry

A couple of months before the weekend in question, I met the  man who lived downstairs. As I helped him move his  refrigerator he told me he was a fiber-artist, which meant he made complex maps of his soul from weeds and  paper, rope a [...]