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Larissa Szporluk


Halo Formation

Wind is omen; omen does things to the trees, their dream of rescue fading. Omen loves that moment, that No, when the whole life leans and the cruelty turns definite: her arms fall away, saying simply, Get me. And omen, unknown attractor, keeps pulli [...]

10 Remembers

There is no sound at all on this wild upland. The horses have stopped falling in their great arc through the air. The panic that carried their necks over the crag became, early on, in their legs, regret. The dark knowing that spoils the morning ent [...]

Axiom of Maria

Clover fills the darkness quickly, splitting open, spreading. It's a slightly different planet that surrounds the same night, an unction in the sun that spins the Earth faster— the couple pulls apart, turning hostile, her body taking off into the w [...]