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Lulu Miller

Lulu Miller is a Peabody award-winning journalist for National Public Radio. She is the cofounder of NPR’s Invisibilia. Before that, she was a reporter on the science series Radiolab. Her book, Why Fish Don’t Exist, is forthcoming (Simon & Schuster, 2019).


Illustration by Lauren Nassef

The Obituary

Spring 2018 | Fiction

When reporting on suicide, the CDC advises against including the suicide method or overly positive descriptions of the deceased for fear of causing contagion. 

Which gave Reporter Jane a problem in reporting on how her dad did what he did. She can’t mention the means, so readers will be left to wonder:

Was it a gun? A rope? A razor? Pills? Poison? A train? A hair-dryer? 

And (according to the CDC), the mildly suicidal among them will begin to salivate.