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Lygia Navarro

Lygia Navarro has reported from Mexico, Cuba, Chile, and Argentina for the Associated Press, the Christian Science Monitor, Mother Jones, and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as PBS’s Frontline/World and NPR’s Marketplace and Latino USA. She is currently a fellow at the Phillips Foundation and in 2008 was a recipient of a Middlebury College Fellowship in Environmental Journalism.


Eduardo Romero Martín grips a desiccated stalk in his cornfield in Pocoboch, Mexico.

Inheritance of Dust

Fall 2009 | Reporting

After his two years of schooling, Eduardo took up the destiny ordained to the people of Pocoboch: growing yucca, squash, tomatoes, chiles, beans, and corn on small plots carved into the jungle. There may not have been much money, but for most of Eduardo’s lifetime, the corn made the town run. And then, simply, it did not.

Tropical Depression

Winter 2009 | Reporting

A swimmer off the Malecón seawall in Havana. August in Havana is a mounting wave of heat—so consuming, the sun so piercing, it can warp your sense of reason. Tempt you to surrender. Make you flirt with insanity. The pained faces around you ar [...]