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Madison Smartt Bell

Madison Smartt Bell is the author of two short story collections and thirteen novels, including All Soul’s Rising (Penguin, 1996), which was a finalist for the National Book Award and the PEN/Faulkner Award. His most recent novel is The Color of Night (Vintage, 2011). A professor at Goucher College since 1984, Bell has taught in various creative writing programs, including the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars.


Red Stick

Summer 2012 | Fiction

April 1814: At dawn he dreamed of tiny pale men crawling like grubs under the loose scaling bark of a tree, innumerable, expendable—the english words rang in his head, scrawling over the dream a new layer of meaning, though by the time Lamocha [...]

Dead Letter

Fall 2004 | Fiction

Coachy, to whom Papa Toussaint had given the two letters for Paul Louverture, led their way south from Point Samana toward Santo Domingo City. Coachy had been to that place before, not so long ago, when Papa Toussaint had sent his army to the Spanish side of the island for the first time, but Guiaou had not. He had not been to Point Samana either before that day, when Papa Toussaint had brought them to look at the ships of the French.

Whose God to Follow?

Cool, and the calm was ruffled only by the wind, shivering the heavy blades of the old, tall palms. Above the bunches of their tops, the stars of morning faded, as the cocks took up their cry. A last mosquito, his namesake, whined round his ear, th [...]