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Marc Burckhardt

Marc Burckhardt’s paintings have been commissioned by Time, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, Porsche, Simon & Schuster, and Random House, and have been exhibited at Art Basel and SCOPE. He was named a Texas State Artist for 2010 by the Texas Commission on the Arts, and is a recipient of the Hamilton King Award.


Marc Burckhardt’s Notes to Self

Summer 2016 | Articles

Recently, painter Marc Burckhardt has been in a deep “visual conversation” with literature—specifically, with Petrarch’s Triumphs, a sequence of poems from the Italian Renaissance in which Love, Chastity, Death, Fame, Time, and Eternity each overcomes the other. Burckhardt first came across Triumphs nearly a year ago, while working on a series based on Dante’s Inferno. As he often does with literary works, he looked into their visual history, and in doing so found “a deep well of imagery—stuff I recognized through a kind of peripheral appreciation.” Since then, working between studios in Austin, Texas, and Bremen, Germany, he’s has been studying, sketching, crumpling sketches, starting over, and taking notes for a series of allegorical paintings that reflect his personal connection to Petrarch’s themes, to be included in an October show at Gallery Shoal Creek, in Austin, Texas.