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Mariana Enríquez

Mariana Enríquez graduated from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and writes for Radar, the arts and culture supplement of the Argentinean newspaper Página/12. Enríquez has published two novels—Bajar Es lo Peor (Espasa Calpe, 1995) and Cómo Desaparecer Completamente (Emecé, 2004)—and a collection of short stories, Los Peligros de Fumar en la Cama (Emecé, 2009). Enríquez’s stories have been published in the collections La Joven Guardia (Grupo Editorial Norma, 2005), Una Terraza Propia (Gupo Editorial Norma, 2006), as well as English-language magazines such as McSweeney’s, Granta, and Asymptote. She also has a collection of chronicles on cemeteries she has visited throughout the world,  Alguien Camina Sobre Tu Tumba (Galerna, 2014). “An Invocation of the Big-Eared Runt” is adapted from Things Lost In the Fire (Hogarth, 2017).


Illustration by Chloe Scheffe

An Invocation of the Big-Eared Runt

Fall 2016 | Fiction

The first time he appeared to Pablo was on the bus during the nine-thirty tour. It happened during a pause in the narration while they rode from the restaurant that had belonged to Emilia Basil (the dismemberer) to the building where Yiya Murano (the poisoner) had lived.