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Mark Bennington

Mark Bennington recently completed a documentary-photography book on the acting community of Mumbai, titled Living the Dream: The Life of the “Bollywood” Actor. In addition to freelance and commercial assignments, he has also been a featured contributor for the Times of India, the Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times.


Sonakshi Sinha, star of Dabangg (her debut film with Salman Khan), rehearses for the Stardust Awards, one of many awards shows in Mumbai. (Mark Bennington)

Inside Bollywood

Winter 2013 | Photography

Bollywood holds a major key to India’s cultural identity, reinforced by over a billion devoted masala fans within and outside the country, including in neighboring Pakistan. Bollywood not only captures the social fabric of India; through its archetypal stories of valor and romance, it becomes the visual incubation and celebration of hope.