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Mark Wisniewski

Mark Wisniewski’s first novel, CONFESSIONS OF A POLISH USED CAR SALESMAN, is in its second printing. His collection of short stories, ALL WEEKEND WITH THE LIGHTS ON, was praised by PUBLISHERS’ WEEKLY, PRAIRIE SCHOONER, STORYQUARTERLY, Clarence Major, Gordon Weaver, and Oakley Hall. He’s won a Pushcart Prize, and more than 1OO of his stories have appeared in magazines such as THE YALE REVIEW, THE GEORGIA REVIEW, THE MISSOURI REVIEW, INDIANA REVIEW, THE GETTYSBURG REVIEW, and THE SUN. His agent has begun to submit his second novel, YOU DON’T DRAG A WOMAN.


A More Or Less Rational Act

I was looking for fireflies between the dusk-thickened underbrush whizzing past the passenger window of my father's Chevy, thinking a flicker from one might light something inside me, and my father braked and asked, "Wanna bet with me tomorrow?" H [...]