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Martin Lebowitz


A Russian Realist

Chekhov: A Spirit Set Free. By V, S. Pritchett. Random House. $17. 95. Pritchett's approach to Chekhov suggests that his modernity lies not simply in his revolutionary realism but in his social conscience and consciousness. Chekhov employed as his [...]

Prophets With Honor

Forgotten Prophet: The Life of Randolph Bourne. By Bruce Clayton. Louisiana.$25.00. Bulgakov: Life and Work. By Ellendea Proffer. Ardis. $45. 00 cloth, $15. 00 paper. Many people have heard of Randolph Bourne, but very few are familiar with his wr [...]

The Reign of James

A Stroll with William James. By Jacques Barzun. Harper & Row. $19. 95. One of the country's greatest teachers (until his retirement from Columbia in 1975), Jacques Barzun is our most notable critic of the cultural climate of the industrial revoluti [...]

The Puzzling Mr. Conrad

Joseph Conrad: The Three Lives. By Frederick R. Karl. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $25.00. During the major phase of Conrad's career, a Scotch reviewer perceptively observed in a discussion of Typhoon that "character is (for him) an essentially indivi [...]