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Masami Teraoka

Masami Teraoka’s work has appeared in Paintings by Masami Teraoka (Weatherhill, 1996) and a new collection forthcoming from Chronicle in 2006. He has been the subject of John Stevenson’s Masami Teraoka: From Tradition to Technology, the Floating World Comes of Age (Washington, 1997) and Howard A. Link’s Waves and Plagues: The Art of Masami Teraoka (Chronicle, 1988).


Modern Inferno: Post-9/11 Paintings

Fall 2004 | Multimedia

With the Twin Towers tragedy the American world fell from heaven to hell. The attack created unprecedented ideological, moral, and spiritual chaos, along with physical and mental security issues. Our world became Dante’s Inferno. Morally and spiri [...]